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Senepol offers cross-breeders excellent hybrid vigour (as totally unrelated to more than 90% of cattle in Australia) from a tropically adapted Taurine breed, with a genetic package which has not been subjected to unbalanced ‘single trait’ selection. Senepol admirably complements tropical beef production where traditionally Bos Indicus derived breeds have been used. Some desirable traits in Senepol cattle include the below.

  • Reach puberty earlier than Bos Indicus breeds.
  • Females are renowned for their ease of calving and calves for their fast ‘get up and go’ vigour.
  • Heifers will calve as 2 year olds under normal management conditions.
  • Longevity is well documented, with breeders often still efficiently producing calves well into their teen years.
  • Average birthweight of calves is 34kg.
  • Average mature weight of cows is 550-650kg at pasture although we do have a larger line of breeders as well, 650 – 750kg cows at pasture.
  • Average mature weight of bulls is 930kg at pasture and we have some larger lines we breed with that are 1,030kg at pasture.
  • Bulls have a high libido, are fertile, and are enthusiastic breeders from an early age.

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Totally unrelated to more than 90% of cattle in Australia

Grey Brahman


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Grey Brahman


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