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Bulls4U breed Senepol bulls in Northern Australia, for Northern Australia (and have been since 2005). Based in the Townsville area, we breed them tough, so they and their off-spring thrive in Northern Australia’s highly variable climates, ranging from wet tropics to dry savannah.

Born in this challenging environment, Bulls4U’s bulls are well-adapted to the unforgiving tropical seasons, tolerating and thriving amid heat, monsoon, insects and varying forage quality. We were one of the first to start breeding Senepols up here and over time we’ve bred a reliable, high-quality nucleus of 100 purebred Senepol breeders. Since 2013, we have also established a Senegus herd, along with some other composites.

Why are Bulls4U’s Senepols the bulls for you? Our bulls are naturally polled, have a quiet temperament and are easily managed. They thrive under the harsh conditions of Northern Australia, maintaining fertility, tropical resistance and feed efficiency. Critically, they are reliable and proven producers of tender and excellent eating quality meat.

Now Breeding Senegus And Senepol Composites

Our Senepol bulls are 100% tropically adapted for cross-breeding

The Senepol breed are a tropically-adapted Bos taurus

The Senepol breed are a tropically-adapted Bos taurus, ideal for cross-breeding with British and European breeds in a hotter country, and for use in the development of tropical composite herds. This type of cross-breeding enables cattle breeders to target a wider range of markets to increase their production options.

Senepols are hardy cattle with strong constitutions and good bone structure. Our bulls have a high libido, are fertile and enthusiastic breeders from an early age.

We invite you to learn more about our services, and to know more about our Bulls4U Senepols – the ideal Bulls4U! For more information, or to arrange an appointment to view our bulls, please contact Rebecca on 0428 829 666 or email info@bulls4u.com.au

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